South Bend is finally thawing out. Today was the first semi-warm day in months. (Sad that I consider 40 degrees warm, but when it’s been a consistent -12, 40 was welcome to stay). So  I bundled up the baby and took her and the dog for a walk on campus. I met up with my best friend and her two dogs, and well.. we were quite a sight.


Basilica of the Sacred Heart at University of Notre Dame


The Beginning



The Beginning

I received a DSLR camera for my 28th birthday. My best friend is a professional photographer and my mom is a food blogger. Both take incredible pictures and make the process look so easy. I haven’t got a clue how to work this camera, and beyond that even less of a clue on how to edit. I am excited to immerse myself in this new hobby and learn everything I can. If nothing else, this will be good amusement for my mom and Les for now. (don’t laugh too hard) 😉