Brookfield Zoo

Our little family decided to take a day trip to Chicago and visit Brookfield Zoo. Ok, so it’s not exactly beauty in “the bend,” but this zoo was stunning nonetheless 😉

AAApril 186

Sleepy rhino


AAApril 304

I’m not happy with the outcome of this picture color-wise but I couldn’t resist capturing their brand-new baby gorilla Nora and her mama. 🙂

AAApril 224

karma karma karma chameleooooon

AAApril 222


Jellies that looked more like snowflakes than jellyfish

AAApril 256

AAApril 213

This little lady was so friendly, she bent her long neck all the way down so I could practically kiss her nose. I loved spending time with her.

AAApril 366

We didn’t have time to stop and take pictures of the architecture, which I was looking forward to, (next time!) but as we were leaving, the sky put on a beautiful show for us, so I took this one for my mama, as she recently developed an affinity for capturing steeples.

Spring has sprung

Spring is finally here! Though the snow was beautiful at times, we had way too much of it this year, and I’m not sad to say good-bye. Today was the first nice (and snow-free) day, so we headed to our local zoo. I took this opportunity to bring my camera and get to know it a bit better…
love  birds flamingos enjoying the sunshine



South Bend is finally thawing out. Today was the first semi-warm day in months. (Sad that I consider 40 degrees warm, but when it’s been a consistent -12, 40 was welcome to stay). So  I bundled up the baby and took her and the dog for a walk on campus. I met up with my best friend and her two dogs, and well.. we were quite a sight.


Basilica of the Sacred Heart at University of Notre Dame

The Beginning



The Beginning

I received a DSLR camera for my 28th birthday. My best friend is a professional photographer and my mom is a food blogger. Both take incredible pictures and make the process look so easy. I haven’t got a clue how to work this camera, and beyond that even less of a clue on how to edit. I am excited to immerse myself in this new hobby and learn everything I can. If nothing else, this will be good amusement for my mom and Les for now. (don’t laugh too hard) 😉